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We will grow this FAQ based on player feedback. If you have a question or concern, let us know.

What is this "Unity Web Player Plugin" and why do I need it?

ETP is made in the Unity game engine and requires the Unity Web Player plugin to play the game online. You will be prompted to download this if you do not have it installed already. This install is quick, free and safe.

I can't play on Google Chrome!

Unfortunately this is a thing. ETP is made in the Unity game engine and requires the Unity Web Player plugin to play online. This plugin along with several others are blocked by Google Chrome. Until Unity releases an updated plugin to work with Chrome's current standards you will need to use a different browser to play the game.

Is ETP playable on mobile?

Not currently. We may well build a mobile version if the player feedback is strong enough.

Is ETP completely free-to-play?

ETP is completely free-to-play. This is a fan-made game built for the Tom and Dan community. There is a shop feature in the game that is setup to support microtransactions but for the time being everything will be purchasable exclusively through in-game currency. If you like the game, support the podcast by becoming a BDM. If you would like to support Blackrose Industries and our future efforts you can do so on Patreon.

Are there perks for BDMs?

Currently there are no perks for BDMs, but we have planned for such an eventuality. The current idea is to award Tom and Dan supporters with exclusive free skins representing their status. Stay tuned for more information.

What are the details regarding your privacy policy?

ETP asks for the most basic Facebook permissions. These only allow you as a user to post to your wall and to invite your friends to play ETP. If at any time you wish for your game data to be deleted then send us a support email.

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